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OLC has successfully risen to the top 5000 rankings of Taiwan's large enterprises

In the Taiwan Top 5000 Companies survey of 2022 conducted by CRIF, OLC secured the 5th position in the transportation assistance industry, highlighting its leading position and competitiveness in the industry.


In terms of performance ranking in the service industry, OLC achieved the 86th position, providing high-quality logistics integration services and offering comprehensive solutions to clients.


The mixed ranking of business operations placed OLC at the 206th position, showcasing the company's comprehensiveness in diverse business domains. Successful integration of different business segments led to outstanding performance.


Furthermore, in the ranking of net revenue in the service industry and the mixed ranking of private enterprises, OLC respectively secured the 262nd and 676th positions.


Over the past two decades, OLC has dedicated itself to serving clients with professionalism, efficiency, and enthusiasm, aspiring to become a leading brand in Asia's logistics integration sector.


This sense of mission and vision has solidified OLC 's position in the industry, motivating the team to continuously challenge themselves and enhance the company's competitiveness.


Looking ahead, the company will persist in delivering superior professional standards and comprehensive service capabilities, aiming to provide clients with even higher quality and more comprehensive solutions.


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