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International Logistics Center

Special Features of the Logistics Center

In addition to the bonded warehousing function, the logistics center has the following features:

1. May declare at the Customs in the name of owner.

2. May have self-owned or contracted carriers to replace bonded trucks.

3. Dedicated personnel may substitute the Customs to transport the goods.

4. May store bonded goods in container instead of warehouse.

5. Carry out reconditioning and simple processing operations, and those can be handled by outsourcing.

6. Domestic goods entry/exit the logistic center are exempt from declaration to the Customs.

7. Transport to the tax area to participate in exhibitions, inspections and examinations.

8.‘Logistics Center’ operators are eligible for the fastest customs clearance. Foreign or domestic goods (not only raw materials) are stored in the logistics center (low sampling rate, 24-hour customs clearance, no escort, etc.)

9. Foreign goods entering the logistics center may be declared with L1 transshipment application form, or be stored with D8 declaration form. Goods stored with D8 declaration form are free of paper and cargo examination when exiting the warehouse.

Customized Services and Integrated Logistics Resources

1. Customized warehousing services

Customized multi-functional logistics services

Meeting warehousing needs of different industries

Responding to different storage volumes or sudden warehousing needs during low and peak seasons

Tailor-made warehousing services

Reduce storage fee and effectively control costs

2. Integrated logistics services

Provided by OLC Group comprehensive sea & air freight, customs declaration, warehousing, logistics / transportation, e-commerce, insurance and other services. Provide customers with all-in-one integrated logistics services.

3. One-stop service

Provide point-to-point one-stop service. Customers can use online warehouse logistics system to integrate resources from logistics units to front-line distribution.

4. Professional third-party logistics

OFS views our core business, ocean/air freight, as international logistics foundation, and expands our business domain to warehousing,customs declaration, E-commerce logistics, insurance etc. Meet customer’ diverse logistics needs.


Oriental Logistics was passed AEO validation on Feb 29, 2011.


OLC has successfully risen to the top 5000 rankings of Taiwan's large enterprises