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We sponsor the The "Good Harbor Life Festival"




The "Good Harbor Life Festival" is a curated event by Keelung Port and hosted by the Yang Ming Maritime Cultural Foundation. Through "public participation" and "issue discussion," it rekindles citizens' forgotten memories and revives the lost port culture. At the core of its development, cultural innovation, public art disruptions, and high-quality performances aim to connect local cultural workers and businesses. This event reimagines and discusses Keelung Port's ship transportation, dock culture, and lifestyle, integrating the public and citizens into its management. It also fulfills the spirit and significance of entertainment and cultural enrichment, forging stronger connections with life, memories, and emotions in the harbor while fostering friendly relationships with locals.


Keelung, linking merchant ships to major ports in Japan, propelling Treasure Island onto the world stage. These routes brought foreign cultures, blending into the unique DNA of Keelung Port. Once a small port, it evolved into the most modern place on the island.


The Harbor Life Festival invites exploration of the port's narrative along the Japan-Taiwan route, allowing visitors to savor the flavors of the port's exotic culture. Attendees can visit the Harbor Market, indulge in Japanese and Western cuisine, savor a cup of coffee, and listen to harbor music, enjoying the elegant sounds of the shamisen and romantic jazz music while welcoming ships into the port.


As we all gather at the Good Harbor Life Festival, let's soak in the goodness






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