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Paper Windmill Country Truck Art Project 2023,"Precious Fire Circus,"




We sponsored the Paper Windmill Country Truck Art Project 2023, "Precious Fire Circus," on March 11, 2023. 

On that night at Xinyi Elementary School in Taipei City, all 2,000 seats were filled. Both adults and children enjoyed a wonderful, warm, and fun-filled night.


It was the first collaboration between the "Coming True Fire Dance Troupe" and the "Lei Sheng Chuanyi Theater." Their performance combined the warmth of flames with traditional artistry, creating a refreshing and unique style that brought a strong sense of joy to the audience.


We have always upheld the spirit of giving back to society by supporting local arts and participating in public welfare activities. Through these efforts, we aim to promote aesthetics and foster positive, circulating energy. We aspire to be a catalyst within society, illuminating its essence and contributing to the common good. Let's continue spreading happiness together!






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